Metal processing products,
steel and stainless steel units, locksmithery services

We offer our clients the following services:

  • metal processing products, steel and stainless steel units, coated or plated
  • grinding services (including laser cutting options), bending, welding, common locksmithery

About us

Who we are

Carol Tech was created in September 2000 by Szőcs Karol in Ghindari, Mures County as a result of an idea born from a conversation with a friend from Faroe Islands, who asked him to try manufacturing galvanized steel elements (bead supports used in salmon fish farming).

In the spring of 2001 the first order of bead supports or supporting poles was produced and sent to the customer. Due to superior quality and attractive price, a long term partnership was settled with KJ-HYDRAULIC Company from Faroe Islands.


What we offer you

  • Iron sheet grinding technology
  • Profile grinding technology
  • Iron sheet bending technology
  • Mig-Mag 400 A, Wig 180 A welding technology
  • Multipoint welding
  • Third party services
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Metal cutting technology
  • Laser cutting technology
  • Wooden components
  • Packaging



What our clients are saying

"We have been working together with Carol Tech as a provider of steel stansions for the last 10 years. The decission to move our production of stansions from the Faroe Islands to Romania has proved to be great succes."

Ólavur Asafsson Olsen, CEO
KJ-HYDRAULIK, Faroe Islands



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